We Are JMP A Brand Management Agency

What is JMP?

Jaded Moose Productions is a brand management agency specializing in internet marketing services. As a company, we seek to help small and medium businesses develop and grow their web presences.

What we do as a branding agency

We use the latest business technologies help our clients get the internet working for them. We can help streamline your current marketing efforts or develop an entirely new approach to finding your ideal clients. As a branding agency, we specialize in establishing and growing powerful web presences.

Through a combination of various internet marketing services including SEO, social media strategies, and engaging content, we can help your business see an increase in organically generated web leads.

Why we do it

We love watching our clients grow. Helping small businesses gain their footing in the online landscape is a passion that we have developed over the years providing premium internet marketing services.

This is why we started this branding agency and the fact that we are still going strong five years later shows that we are truly committed to getting results.

JMP Brand Management Agency Logo

What Makes JMP Different?

Branding Experts Within Reach

Working with JMP is like having an in-house design or marketing team, but with the expertise of a brand management agency behind the work.


Quick Turn Responsiveness

You will never have to wait days for a response to your questions. You will not experience prolonged turnarounds times on project deliverables.

Industry Leading Transparency

We talk and work in clear timelines with guaranteed delivery dates. We want you not only to understand what we are doing but why and how it works.


Eye on the future

We are always looking into emerging marketing trends and techniques. Our clients can trust that we are utilizing the best methods available for reaching their target demographics.

Focus on Design

We consistently produce clean and professional designs that help to reinforce your brand.

Focus on Strategy

When it comes to success online, we know that strategy isn't just a buzzword. It is the blueprint for successful results.

Focus on Content

Whether it is a well thought out article or an informative video, we create quality content that drives engagement and strengthens brands.

Focus on Community

We know that the key to building an effective presence on the web is the development of a community that helps to spread your message.

Who we are

We are a small team of branding and marketing experts who can produce quality results on par with bigger firms.

This means better rates for you and a more personalized service.

Social Media Management


Social Media & SEO

When it comes to building and engaging with an online audience, David knows how to get it done.

Business Technology


Business Technology

Ian is a monster when it comes to getting your business running more efficiently.



The Videographer

Hand Cody a camera and prepare to be blown away by the results!




Grace is our resident writer/editor. She can match the desired tone to perfectly reflect your brand.