Social Media Management And Marketing Services

Social media networks are not going away. Profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly becoming the first engagement consumers have with a company. Now more than ever people expect a business to have an informative and engaging social media presence.

Social Media networks can also provide high return marketing opportunities, allowing you to target users based on things like gender, age-range, income, interests, homeownership and more. This kind of targeting makes it easier than ever to get your products and services in front of the right people.

Social Media Usage and Influence Statistics

68% percent of adult Americans currently use Facebook.

52% of consumers’ on and offline purchases in 2015 were influenced by Facebook. This was up from 36% in 2014!

More than 25% of consumers say they have purchased a product or service through social media.

These statistics provide a small insight into the ways social media networks affect people on a daily basis. If you want your business to start taking advantage of all that these networks offer, JMP can help.

72% of people in North America currently have a Facebook profile.

How can JMP help my business with social media?

At Jaded Moose Productions, we have been working with social media networks since MySpace was the top platform. We know that it takes genuine engagement and relevant content to build and keep an organic following. We also know how to create and optimize ads across various social media networks that get clicks and generate leads.

Contact JMP today to learn more about what we can do to get your social media profile producing results. You can also continue reading to learn more about our Profile Builder Package.

The JMP Profile Builder Package

Profile Builder Includes

Weekly Posting

Our Social Media Managers will create and post three updates per week to your business profile(s). These posts will all be relevant and appropriate for your company brand. We will establish the desired tone and direction of your messaging monthly and incorporate any requested topics into the statuses. Post types include:

  • Status Updates
  • Memes
  • Infographics
  • Relevant articles
  • Videos

Daily Monitoring

Each day during the week our social media managers will monitor and moderate your page. We will review comment threads and wall for inappropriate/obscene user posts. We will be sure to remove any posts not fitting your company’s desired guidelines.

Hourly Interactions

During standard business hours, we will check your profile for messages, comments, and reviews, which require replies. We will then respond with approved language on behalf your company to direct the user to the desired destination or result. During defined business hours responses will occur within one hour of the user's inquiry/review. Any questions/reviews left during off business hours will receive a response within 24 hours.


Monthly Reporting

Each month we will deliver a report covering the progress made on your business profiles. This report will include users engaged, the number of new likes/follows, post interactions, and any reviews left on the page along with their responses.

Social Media Marketing Management

When you sign up for our Profile Builder package you get our ad creation services for free. This means we will produce and optimize all the content/images for your social media ads at no charge. We will then handle the targeting and maintenance of the ads for just 15% of your monthly ad budget.


Profile Builder+

Nothing draws attention quite like video. This is why we have introduced Profile Builder+. For an additional $50/week we will create and publish a monthly testimonial vide, complete with your company branding.